Sisters 1/??

sisters 1/??

My name is Elizabeth and I am currently 24 but this story happened to me when I was 18.

It all started one day in December after Christmas when my dad told me that my sister Elena was coming to move in with the two of us.

Elena was the daughter of my dad’s previous marriage and her mother had died in an accident leaving Elena’s custody to my dad, I had never seen Elena I knew she had an older sister but never my dad not even when my mom was alive my dad wanted us to meet so my dad prepared a part of my room for Elena to sleep in my room sharing the room some girls would surely take it badly but for me meeting my older sister was nice.

4 days passed then my father arrived at the apartment I went to see to finally meet Elena I was curious to know how she was when I approached the door of the apartment I see my father with a thin girl with brown hair with electric blue highlights with a black leather jacket with a white flannel and a half torn jeans and black boots that matched his jacket with two suitcases and a backpack my dad comes up to me and says:

-Elizabeth this is Elena, Elena this is Elizabeth- we looked at each other for at least 5 seconds with a cold silence of that super uncomfortable until Elena extended her hand as a greeting and said -mucho gusto..

  • which I responded by saying the same and squeezing our hands after that we started to live together the three of us.

Even though we spent the new year together it was a little awkward for everything since in January my only time I spent with Elena was when she accidentally entered the bathroom when I was taking a bath to pee in the toilet and when she entered the room without touching me when I was changing my clothes.

I didn’t know anything about her at first glance she looked like a punk girl but that was a lot of information about her but one day Elena went downstairs to buy an errand for dinner she needed and left her laptop open on top of the dining room she spent most of her time on her laptop so I was curious to know how much she watched and did on her laptop.

I was curious to know what she was seeing and doing on it so I went over and sat in front of the laptop and opened it, the first thing I saw was her facebook page with some pictures of her with little clothes and other things, at that moment the chat window of one of her friends called alexis chet opened and they were saying hello to her, I thought at that moment to turn off the laptop but it occurred to me to get some information from alexis making her think she was Elena, I said hello back and she responded with a question “so, did you do it? “I replied “what things?” What I didn’t expect was the answer Alexis gave me which was “about your sister. You told me that you wanted to fuck her so badly that it wasn’t enough to masturbate every time she wore her underwear”.

I couldn’t believe it my sister was a lesbian and even worse she was dying to fuck me that explained why she would go into the bathroom supposedly to use the toilet when I was taking a bath or suddenly enter the room when I was changing my clothes at that moment I got up to go to the kitchen to get some water but when I turned around I saw Elena behind me with the errand bag at that moment Elena asked with a trembling voice:

-What… what… what… did you see on my laptop? the shame and embarrassment filled me completely I couldn’t answer and with all my strength I answered -nothing I just wanted to see a recipe for tonight’s dinner- at that moment Elena went crazy and jumped on top of me screaming liar and made me fall on my back on the couch at that moment she started to rub my whole body with one hand while with the other she dominated me and repeated over and over again liar see what you provoked, At that moment I was feeling myself but I didn’t know if it was because of the caresses she was giving me or the fact that it was my own sister who was giving them to me and suddenly between my moans Elena brutally kissed my mouth putting her tongue in my mouth.

At that moment Elena lifts my skirt and moves my pantyhose to the side to caress my naked vagina pressing her index finger on my clitoris and using her other hand she starts to grab one of my breasts strongly provoking me an orgasm so strong that my scream is silenced with a kiss from Elena.

At that moment my Elena gets up and looks at me in terror knowing what she had done wrong at that moment she starts to cry and runs to the bedroom to lock herself in, screaming that she had ruined him.

After about 15 minutes and Elena is still locked up I got up all sweaty I could not believe what had happened was not the case that Elena raped me but that I had liked it and had discovered something new that I wanted to repeat …