Sneaky meeting

I had been waiting for fifteen minutes or so, it was the perfect moment. The school hallway was a desert, or rather, that was what I wanted to imagine. That day was really hot and I had been planning this meeting with Rocío for a long time. The meeting point: the office of the student center where I was part of. Rocio was a classmate. According to the opinion of my classmates, she was ugly, but I didn’t care, I found her pretty and her body was spectacular (I hope it still is, because I haven’t had contact with her for a long time): medium-sized, symmetrical tits, pink, raised nipples, a flat pussy that was like a desert with a vivid, appetizing color. I loved to run over that belly with my kisses. But, without a doubt, the best thing, what turned me on the most, what turned me on like a beast, was her ass; a perfect and proportionate circle, always marked with a tight pair of pants that increased it even more.

I couldn’t get any hotter, I was too eager to crown that ass with Rocío, I didn’t want to satisfy my perverse lasciviousness with a handjob. Rocío had to comply, please I had to do it.

Looking out of the office window at the high school courtyard, I was thinking horny thoughts; she was touching my penis, trying to grope me subtly. In coarse words, at those moments I was nothing more than a teenager with excess testosterone.

In that situation, I was surprised by the door with three tiny taps. Without a second’s hesitation, I made my way to the door and opened it. There she was… a subtle smile let me see the space between her teeth; a detail of Rocio’s that I loved.

I kissed her and closed the door. I locked it.

-I asked permission to go to the bathroom,” she said.

-We have about half an hour, when recess rings, the girls will come to the office, we always do the same thing.

One of the advantages when you are the secretary of the student center, is the disposition you have of the spaces, in this case, the office of the CGE was the perfect den for acts outside the law, a place that emanated the smell of sex and cigarettes; many of us took advantage of it, we were all accomplices in that CGE.

So we began to warm up with Rocío: we kissed passionately, I kissed her neck, I ran my hands over her breasts, her round ass. She, for her part, groped my penis over my pants.

-Oh… I was horny, I didn’t know how horny I was (…),” Rocío said to me with a voice that was muffled by her moans.

-I was about to masturbate right here thinking about this,” I answered her in the same horny tone.

-Really? -laughing.

-I’m sorry, look at the way you had me,” referring to my bulging erection.

-Oh… excuse me then, sir (…) I didn’t want to make you suffer.

While she was telling me the latter, Rocio slowly unzipped my pants, then she dug into my boxer shorts to free my pleasure center.

Since I already had it hard enough, there was no need to make an introduction; she knelt down and began to suck it with speed, Rocio was an expert in the art of oral and she knew it, I knew it. On about four or five occasions, I was the lucky one to receive blowjobs that left me ecstatic.

In that situation, I lowered my pants down to my ankles and leaned my ass on the office desk, Rocío also adjusted to my position; I could see how she devoured my member with the help of one hand, while with the other, she massaged her vagina.

-Now, I want you to put it in me.

-How? -I answered awkwardly, still hallucinated by the pleasure of her mouth.

-I want her to put it in me! -she answered loudly.

Rocío took off her vest, ripped off her shirt and bra, and pulled down her pants. I did the same. In that office, we always left our pants between our ankles, where they always ended up discreetly stained by our fluids.

I put on the condom. There I was… in front of my eyes the best ass of the high school, round and proportionate; some pimples accompanied that big and pale monument, just as I wanted it, just as I longed for it, again, in front of me.

Very quickly my penis entered that flowerless vagina. A cry of pleasure came from her mouth. I covered it with one hand.

I was penetrating with malice aforethought, I loved the contour of her waist, as it allowed me to move attitude. I was enjoying the best; the four walls of that office made the juicy sound of the penetration louder. I felt superior, I was comparing myself to everyone else in that high school, while I was here; having sex.

-I love your dick, I love your dick,” Rocio always told me that when we were fucking, when she was sucking me off and chatting too.

-I love your vagina, it feels so rich… it squeezes me so good,” I answered her the first morbid things that came to my mind.

-Oh… how nice how I put it in, keep it up… yes… Do you like it?… You like it a lot, don’t you? Tell me… tell me how it warms you up, please.

-Yes… I like it, I like it a lot… I get too hot Rocío… really too hot… your vagina is very rich, warm and slippery.

With Rocio we were perverted animals when it came to sex. I loved that about her, the confidence to behave like beasts in heat when it came to satisfying our primal instinct.

I kept penetrating with passion, she was pushing her tail towards me to increase the force of the thrusts. I was in heaven, again, we both were. “One more piece of ass to remember” I thought fleetingly.

He was biting her shoulder… that made her go crazy. I bit her ear… that made her a hundred thousand. In her ear I would tell her how hot I was… that made her a million.

When Rocío’s screams got louder; I had to cover her mouth, this time, with my fingers to make her pretend something else.

From time to time my penis would slip out. Immediately, I would put it back in. However, in one of those many failed thrusts, I waited a bit, and I kept watching his tremendous ass all to myself.

-What’s wrong (…)? -he asked me in a tired yet tender voice.

-I want to see,” I answered dryly.

-What do you want to see? Put it back in again, I command you.

This time I was not compliant. I bent down and opened her buttocks to observe her beautiful, smelly show; her dilated, pink, juice-filled vagina was all for me. I kissed her for a while and she liked it, I inserted my fingers to keep her like a moment ago. Rocio moved her tail in circles to feel more pleasure. While I was passing tongue; she was opening her tail with her hands. It was at a moment when I took a breath of air, when I noticed her hole, which, until now, was a secret to me. A beautiful ring also pink inside. It was noticeable and I could infer that others were privileged to feel that little thing. Oh, how I loved her asshole.

I began to pass tongue; I love to feel the taste of a female anus, always clean, always dry; sometimes, it doesn’t matter.

-Yapo… don’t waste your time, I’ve told you a thousand times that you can’t go that way,” Rocío told me with obfuscation, but I could still hear her lewd tone.

-Oh Rocio, but why not… since the day I met you and saw your tremendous tail, I’ve been dreaming of being able to put it in there.

-But I told you that he can only put it in there (…) it’s a pact I made with him. I’m sorry, I can’t.

-But he’ll never find out… he’ll never find out about this. The relationship is also a tradition, and look how we are now… I’m tasting your anus Rocio, how serious can it be? Besides, you don’t know how good we could do it.

-Why do you always bring me up with this little subject? Am I not satisfied with what we do? Am I not warming you up enough?

-It’s nothing like that… nothing to do, it’s just to experience new things between us… Why are you holding back? Why? We’ve talked a lot about the rules we impose on each other… all of them, deep down, are absurd… What’s this about I can only have anal sex with my boyfriend… Please, Rocío?

Rocío didn’t answer. Taking advantage of the situation, I approached her face and kissed her while caressing her hair; those beautiful pussies always wet… wet like her vagina. She made a tender face as she gave me another smile. Now, she was spoiled to my caresses.

Although our relationship was based on casual sex and without any kind of commitment, we gave each other enough time to be regaled by each other. Deep down, we were both sensitive spirits, we both hid our tenderness with false coldness without knowing why. In that sense, with Rocío we were the same, that’s why we met and coincided. Almost in everything, almost.

At that moment I thought I had convinced her, my readings about the futility of our moral conventions seemed to have served some purpose. Between kisses and caresses, Rocio had noticed my erection fading and began to slowly masturbate me, while saying honeyed words about me and my penis. I became aroused again. It didn’t take long for me to get back to full. Rocio reached down and started sucking me again. When she stopped sucking me; she spit and spread her saliva all over my penis almost completely surrounding the condom. She leaned back against me on the desk and spread her buttocks with her hands. Her anus gaped open giving me full readiness. It was a beautiful sight, hot and morbid: enough to warm a psychology like mine. Physiology perhaps.

-First, put it in slowly. So I can get used to your beak. When I tell you, give me hard.

-Tranqui miss (…) -sometimes we called each other by our last names -I know how to do this. Don’t think I haven’t done it before.

-Good po’ … sometimes I made you bitter without being asked,” she and I laughed as she said this last thing to me.

I began to slowly introduce my penis. The head a little, but just a little. The lubrication of her saliva had made it easier, but I don’t think it was necessary, because, as I said before, it was a little hole that exuded experience.

When the head went in, I pushed the rest in hard. Rocío let out a considerable cry of pleasure. Again I covered her mouth with my hand.

-I told you to put it in slowly,” she said to me in a horny tone of full cock.

-I’m sorry… you drive me crazy po’ Rocío, I’m not able to control myself in these things, especially with you.

-Well… now… go on, go on no more.

I started pumping her rear. The pleasure I felt was intense. In moments, I could put my penis almost completely inside her, since with her hands she opened her buttocks giving me all the way. It was warm, tight, slippery; if I didn’t give the necessary pressure, her anus could expel my penis without problems.

-Give me hard… give me hard, I said.

Rocío gave the order. I complied. She arched her body and rested her abdomen and tits on the desk. A pen and the PC mouse fell to the floor. It didn’t matter. Just as the noise of lust no longer mattered.

It penetrated hard and strong. Rocío was a lioness, I, a worker. I began the infallible, spanking is always effective in helping a woman orgasm. Rocio responded with cries of pleasure to each one.

I penetrated and penetrated. I was like this for at least two minutes and I felt that I could not take any more. At any moment I was going to come.

-I’m going to come, I’m going to come, I’m going to come,” Rocío shouted.

At that moment, she began to move her ass with circular movements, as she usually does when we pull, causing me a little pain that I did not manifest. It was in one of those movements that my penis came out of her anus; Rocío let out again a cry of pleasure as a result of this. I could notice that the condom had some light spots of feces on it. If you’re wondering if I was a little disgusted; on the contrary, it made me even hotter. And not only that, that’s when I made a mistake that I will repeat again in my life: I took off the condom without warning. I put my penis back into her anus and Rocío didn’t notice what I had done. I must admit, however, that the pleasure of feeling my penis uncovered inside her increased even more. Her interior squeezed my member and that feeling of friction caused me a brutal excitement. I was ready.

I lifted Rocío up and we stood again, the comfort of penetration was a little complicated, but it was not going to prevent my imminent orgasm.

-I’m going to come, I’m going to come, Rocío,” I told her.

-I’m going to come, I’m going to come, I’m going to come,” she answered between gasps.

-I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m coming…

-Ya… ya… ya… come… come… Yes?… Yes?

A sensation ran up and down my spine… it was the moment of ejaculation. Rocio accompanied my entire orgasm with cries of satisfaction. I could still feel my penis throbbing inside her. I was in heaven… if we can feel that level of pleasure, it’s because we are more than just animals. It was perfect, it was blissful, it was satisfying; from that day on I could feel a little calmer for having in my memories such an encounter in the furtiveness of that office.

Rocío rested her head on my chest, showing her tiredness and satisfaction. I took advantage of her position to kiss her neck and subtly caress her body, her breasts and her vagina, while my penis was still inside her, languishing after laborious activity. A few traces of semen fell to the floor. It was time to leave the lair.

-It looks like the condom broke,” she said as she noticed my liquid sliding down her thighs.

-No,” I told him very calmly, “what happened is that I took it off to make you feel a little more natural.

-I don’t mind, but for the next one let me know, you might feel strange after they finish there.

Rocío asked me for something to clean herself, I handed her a dirty towel from a locker. She wiped her thighs, hands and anus; I could hear the sounds of mucus. He pulled up his pants and asked me if there were any traces of semen on him. There were two small stains easily concealed. I patted her, kissed her and we cuddled for a while. In those post-hug moments, there was always some feeling, something more than simple sexual restraint.

Before we got to the door and said goodbye, Rocio told me the usual:

-I loved it… it was good, very good, wasn’t it?

-I loved it too, you don’t know how much I loved it,” I kissed her again.

-I liked it when you put it in there (…), but don’t get used to it too much, right?

-Uff… I don’t know how good it was.

-I’ll see you later,” he said as he tapped my chest.

-See you later.

Rocío left down the corridor, wagging that fascinating tail that warmed me up. Suddenly, I wanted to tell her something last


She turned around, and I, without saying a word, but with clear lip language communicated again, “me-in-can-tas.” Rocio answered me with a flirtatious smile, that one that lets you see the space between her teeth.