student beats teacher

Hello my name is Chrisy and after several experiences with my partner I decided to tell you a few, in my first story I tell you how it was her first time but after a few outings and things that I was teaching her the student surpassed the teacher.

The time that comes to my mind was one day when she stayed at my house to sleep, it was after 11 pm and I was tired and asked her to go to bed because I wanted to rest but what I didn’t know was that she had a surprise for me!

After brushing my teeth I went to my room where I found the light off, she told me to leave it like that and sit on the bed, I wanted to continue with the game and like an innocent girl I rolled up to the back of my bed, she came closer and in a very exciting way kissed me on the mouth while I passed my hands behind the back, when I felt she had tied my hands together so I could not let go and there she turned on the light.

She was dressed in a way that made me wet my panties, she was wearing a black bra and a tiny thong that showed those beautiful and shapely buttocks and that matched the top, a pair of pantyhose up to the height of her thighs, she approached me and started kissing my neck, as soon as she could she took off all my clothes and left me completely at her mercy!

When he saw that I was wet he decided to extend the game and make me suffer for a while, he undressed little by little in front of me and sat on the bed in front of me with his legs open letting me see that shaved pussy, he put a finger in his mouth to lubricate and began to masturbate in front of me, I had explained to him a little about what he had to do and from what I saw he had been practicing for days, after a while he started to give little moans of pleasure which made me feel impotent because I couldn’t move and it made me even more excited.

When she saw my face of desperation that I wanted to eat all that red and lubricated vagina she put a second finger in her mouth and began to penetrate herself faster and faster with both fingers and moaning harder and harder, I could not stand it anymore, I felt that I was going to cum just by watching her and before I could do anything she came in an incredible way!

Then she came to me and with her orgasm on her fingers she gave it to me to eat it all, she put her hand down to my shaved pussy and when she ran her fingers over me she felt that I was super wet and she told me now it’s your turn, I felt that his tongue was going up and down and from time to time I would give him little bites and he would pull them up and the more I gasped the faster he would penetrate me until he made me cum in his hand. I told her to let me go, I wanted to suck all of her and she said no, that tonight was hers.

She pulled me down so that I was lying down and started to suck me all over my body giving me time to recover from my orgasm then she plunged into me and started to give me long licks from the entrance of my vagina to my clitoris which made me moan with pleasure, I asked her not to stop but she couldn’t stand the urge so she turned her body and put her pussy on my face.

We did a perfect 69 I wanted to make her finish at the same time as me so I started to suck her from the big clits that was hard and reddish to the entrance of her vagina and from time to time I stopped and penetrated her with my tongue which she loved because she stopped sucking me and trembled with pleasure, she continued sucking at the same time as me until we both came at the same time! It was incredible, her orgasm crashed into my face and left me soaking wet and shaking.

She let go of my hands and rolled on top of me, she said I hope you like my surprise and I between the tiredness and the trembling of my body I could only say I love you and I love it!