Summer 2

SYani and Rocio would have new experiences in this summer camp.

Yani and Rocio would have new experiences in this summer camp.

It was dawn and Yani was hugging Rocío like a daughter when she sleeps with her mother, at that moment Rocío spoke to Yani:

  • Hello doll, good morning, how did you wake up?
  • Fine and you?
  • Well princess, did you love last night’s game?
  • Yes, of course I loved it and most of all with you, you are very pretty.
  • Thank you princess, well go get ready for today.
  • Yes ma’am.

Then during the day in the camp activities, another caretaker named Lucrecia, the oldest of the caretakers with 50 years old black hair, turgid breasts and shapely legs and flat abdomen that despite her age she took care of herself with exercise, in those activities Lucrecia noticed Yani, and as she was groping her slyly Rocio got excited and looked for a way to have her. It was time for noon which was the lunch break and the only way Yani was alone and went for a walk to the nearby field, in that walk Yani arrives Lucrecia:

  • Hello princess.

-Hello. What is your name?

  • My name is Yani and yours?
  • My name is Lucrecia but you can call me Lu, and tell me what are you doing here alone?
  • Well, afte the lunch I usually go for a walk because I love the countryside.
  • -Hey, do you want to go for a walk? There is still time and I know a very nice place to see nature.

-That’s fine with me, Lu.

Then they left and arrived to a small beautiful but abandoned cabin, they both entered and settled at the foot of a window where they could see the whole landscape, Yani was ecstatic watching it, and suddenly she felt a soft hand caressing her back, it was Lu who took advantage of Yani’s distraction to grope her back, Yani did not do or say anything and Lu began to kiss her back, to undress her little by little, Yani began to breathe heavily, she emitted small moans, Lu would turn Yani around to start sucking her breasts, then he would go down to her navel and finally to her vagina, which he first started kissing like a mouth, then he would suck it with reluctance, Yani was already moaning and liked it, then Lu would put a finger in Yani’s anus, the girl at first was scared and it started to hurt, but Lu’s pussy sucking made her tolerate that finger in her anus, as time went by Lu pumped in Yani’s anus, the girl moaned until she had an orgasm, who Lu drank it all.

Then Lu got up and undressed in Yani’s presence, the girl watched her and was left with her mouth open to see brown nipples with long pythons, and a purple and hairy vagina, Yani instinctively pounced and started sucking Lu’s breasts, she looked like a breastfeeding baby, Lu started moaning

– I love how you suck my tits princess.-. then Yani went down to her navel and then kissed her legs, then Lu turned around and smiled at Yani, who started kissing Lu’s tail, then Lu with her fingers opened more her buttocks and Yani started to put her tongue in Lu’s anus, the girl was licking since the taste she felt was delicious, she kept licking and then sucking, when she could see Lu’s orgasm coming, she turned around and laid Yani on the floor, then she knelt down and put her vagina at Yani’s face level, the girl instinctively opened her mouth and started sucking with hair and everything, Lu moaned and almost screamed with pleasure to see that girl satisfying her desires so much so that finally she had a copious orgasm almost squirt type that the girl could not take it all and that wet her face her hair and her chest.

-Princess, you are very good at this.

-Thank you Lu, I like what you gave me.

-Thank you, but we have to go so we won’t be late. After that they arrived at the camp and went on with their day’s activities and in the evening Yani would have another magical night.