Ten years later, I fucked her daughter.

Yesterday I thought it would be an ordinary day. These days at the beginning of the year most of the friends I know are either going on vacation or still taking care of their relatives or visitors that have stayed after the end of the year holidays. I have stayed at home taking care of my sister’s business, as she had to leave for another state with her assistant to close some pending business. And it is my sister and her assistant who change the course of the last few days.

Lucia’s daughter, who is my sister’s assistant, in her eagerness to save some euros, has decided to bring forward her trip to the USA. My sister calls me and asks me to pick her up at the airport. It is the first time she visits the country and her mother, who is coming from Madrid and that evening is somehow uncomfortable because these days it is so cold that you don’t want to go out, I accept and I go that night to the airport for Elisa. I buy cardboard to write her name so that she can identify that it is me who has gone to meet her.

They send me a photo of her face to make identification easier and I am told that they have sent a photo of me to her. From the photo, she looks like a normal girl who I estimate to be about 18 or 20 years old. She is actually 25 and has just graduated in jurisprudence, which I find out on the way to the airport.

She is wearing a black skirt and vest of the same color, a white blouse, and black pants or leggings that support her well-developed muscles; high-heeled sneakers and her purse is also black. We make contact and greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. She is smiling and very friendly and that makes my bad mood dissipate, because I was really doing this favor more for my sister, than thinking that this girl would be the one to end that sexual diet of the first days of the year.

Elisa is very direct and quite liberal and that made everything carry out in a looser and more familiar way. She surprised me with her indirect compliment, but it sent me a message that didn’t leave a hint of doubt:

– I thought you were my mother’s boyfriend. It would have pained me to compete with her, but I see that it will only be a few glances and surpassing feelings with some wife or girlfriend.

He said it with that Castilian accent because although she was born in Colombia, this girl grew up with her father in the land of Santa Lucia. Perhaps the biggest compliment and what seemed to me to be a very direct insinuation was when she asked me my age, which for me was a direct invitation.

– You don’t look 50 years old Tony, if my classmates had the opportunity to meet you, I doubt there wouldn’t be one who wouldn’t want to eat you up. I don’t know how many guys my age would like to have your body and the model look you have.

We went to a restaurant to have dinner because although it was the wee hours of the morning for Elisa, she also showed an appetite as fierce as mine. The insinuations continued and made me feel that my sister’s discomfort might well be worth it. Logically she should sleep at my house and we arrived there at about 11 o’clock at night, when in Spain it should be 5 o’clock in the morning. I make her go to her room and she is surprised by the pool that is in it, but I warn her that it is cold because no one uses it, that pool will take a couple of hours to heat the water. I invite her to the one in my room, which is always 80 degrees thanks to its thermostat.

Without any modesty, she gets into the pool and leaves all her clothes strewn around her and I have seen the beautiful woman totally naked before me. She has an athletic body and my estimate is that she has breasts of a cup reaching C and buttocks approaching 90 centimeters. She reminded me of her dear mother, who 8 years earlier, I gave her tremendous fucking when she was maybe a few months old working for my sister.

I acted like it was the normal thing to do and continue to watch TV from my bed and see Elisa watching me. A few minutes go by and I think she is surprised because I don’t react as she expects and she questions me:

  • Another in your place, would stop watching TV and would have undressed to be with me.
  • I didn’t know you were naked Elisa… Do you want me to join you?
  • I hope it’s more than just company.
  • Let me warn you about something Elisa…
  • Tell me?
  • For me imagination goes beyond what many women want to reach. If you dare and there are no boundaries for you, then you will have me in that pool.
  • Come… – she told me.

Elisa watched as I took off my T-shirt and boxer shorts and sank into the pool. Without any preamble, she goes on top of me and sits on my legs looking me in the eyes. I feel her pussy in front of my cock. I also feel how she sinks it deep inside her. And Elisa exclaims:

– Tony, you’ve got a big dick: I’ve never felt anything so big in my pussy.

I had only heard that from a Honduran girl when I was fucking her: Dale verga a mi cuca. This Colombian girl, raised in Spain, told me the same thing. My cock was inserted in her vaginal canal as deep as my cock could go, which I measured for the curiosity of some women: 22 centimeters.

Elisa kissed the back of my neck and I enjoyed sucking her small tits and without much movement for about half an hour, Elisa reached her first orgasm: Tony, I’m coming… I’m coming… so good, so good. After that, she gave me a very nice blowjob to my cock, but I had her nice ass in mind and I really wanted to fuck it. Her mother gave it to me one day, and I made her feel an orgasm, and before starting the task of fucking her in the ass I drank a double whiskey to make my sensations last and cause her an anal orgasm, if that was possible. This we did after we had dried off and I put her on all fours on the bed.

I sucked her ass, sucked her asshole until I could get as much of my tongue into her rich and luscious anus as I could. Elisa only moaned and her lust reached its climax when she felt my glans in her anus. I only remember her warning in a very subtle and naive way:

  • Be careful Tony, I’ve never been fucked there!

My cock slid in easily and Elisa only sighed. With my two whiskeys I knew I could drill her without me feeling the desire to come for hours or at least one. I put her on all fours on my bed and gave her a tremendous fuck that she made between cries and moans of pleasure a delight to keep drilling her. I watched as her ass was open, because I never turned off the light in my room and I had all the cameras rolling, something that Elisa did not know and maybe she will never know. In that position I am waiting for two things: one for her to tell me she can’t take it anymore or for her to tell me or give me a sign that she is cumming. Her mother Lucia cum anally and I’m waiting for her daughter to do it too.

Twenty minutes that my cock from inch one, slides down to inch twenty-two, where my testicles bump against her buttocks. Elisa just sighs, moans, shudders and then says: Tony, it’s making me come so good. She moans and goes against the bed and I fall on top of her and drill her asshole until 3 minutes later I let go a cum so thick and abundant, product of two weeks of not fucking.

  • It made me come in my ass!
  • You’ve never felt it before?
  • Never! It’s so good, Tony! Without corroborating anything, I think you made my mother feel this same sensation.
  • Do you talk to your mother about your sexual relations?
  • Regularly yes… she told me that anal orgasm is possible.
  • Do you talk about sex with your mother? Will you tell her about this?
  • Maybe yes! Although we never mention names. Do you know my mom?
  • Yes, I do.
  • Do you like her? Have you fucked her?
  • Do you want to keep fucking?
  • Yes, I do.
  • Then let’s forget about your mother and all that conjecture.

Elisa is very hot. It doesn’t take long to suck her clit for 5 minutes to reach orgasm. Sucking her breasts and drilling her pussy for another 5 minutes is to reach multiple orgasms. From the ass it takes a little longer but they are more intense. That night I put 3 sticks in her and she came I don’t know how many times, and from what I see, we will continue fucking, because by text she told me that she is waiting for me tomorrow at her mother’s house or to go get her. The truth is that Elisa is a good stick, just like her mother at 35 years old, ten years ago, I made her come for the first time in the ass.

Lucia, I don’t know if she suspects it or her daughter may have told her, but today I got a call from her and she hinted at it. In my experience with so many women, this is the third time I’ve fucked mother and daughter… I didn’t expect it, but things like that happen:

  • Did you have a good time last night?
  • Yes. -I told her.
  • My daughter insists on knowing if you and I have been boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Tell her the truth.
  • And what’s that?
  • That we’ve never been boyfriend and girlfriend, that you’ve only given me your ass.
  • Have you eaten her too?
  • Lucia, I’m a gentleman. I don’t know what you’re talking about and why you’re talking about it.