The danger of the street

A beautiful girl is outraged by two disposable women…
Anyara is a 16 year old girl, she lives with her mother in a poor neighborhood, the mother works all day, the girl studies and on her way home she must pass through a lonely alley, Anyara is a white girl, innocent looking blonde hair, breasts in formation shapely legs and a way of walking that makes her look very beautiful, typical of her adolescence. Her schoolmates admired her and she was the envy of her classmates.

One day, after leaving school, when taking the usual route home, in the alley she met two disposable women, about 40 years old, with dirty hair, ragged clothes, at that time they were settling in the street, when Anyara passed, the women stood watching her, the girl felt intimidated and tried to walk fast but one of the women intercepted her and closed the way and grabbed her:

-Where do you think you are going little girl?

  • Ma’am don’t do anything to me please let me go, I’m just going home after school.
  • Let me go please, don’t tell me where you are going.
  • Let me go please, I won’t tell anyone of you I just want to get home.

-There is only one way to let you go girl, girls like you we love them and besides when they suck our pussies so, you suck them until you make us come and we let you go, besides there is no need to take off your uniform we will do the job.

And with that said, the two women took off their clothes at the bottom, each showing a hairy, dirty vagina, with thick, scabby hair from what they had not bathed, the resigned girl knelt down and went to the first woman and shyly kissed her vagina, that woman took the girl’s head and put it forcefully into her vagina, the girl irremediably began to stick out her tongue and lick the hair to lubricate and enter the vagina, which she did, she began to suck and in the meantime, the other woman lifted the planter and put it in her vagina.

The girl could not scream because she was sucking the first woman’s vagina, and the second woman was violently masturbating the girl’s vagina, the first woman moaned and moved her pelvis to the rhythm of the girl’s sucking until she had a whitish orgasm which not only the girl drank but also came on her face, in her hair and in her gardener, and then the girl had her orgasm on the second woman’s fingers.

The second woman, she settled down for the girl to start sucking, the girl with her lips still smeared with cum from the first woman, started to stick her tongue into the second woman’s vagina, meanwhile, the first woman started to explore the girl’s vagina and anus, then the second woman forced the girl to lick her anus, the girl at first felt disgusted but the woman reminded her of the warning and had no choice but to agree, the taste of feces and sweat of the second woman’s hairy anus although at first repulsed the girl, then she began to like it and continued licking the anus, the second woman moaned at the sight of a humiliated girl licking her anus, and while that happened, the first woman put a finger in the girl’s anus, the girl moaned in pain, but as soon as she got used to it, the first woman started pumping violently, at that moment the second woman turned around and made the girl suck her vagina, when the girl did it, the second woman started moaning almost screaming, the woman grabs the girl’s head and moves her pelvis to the rhythm of each sucking, the first woman slams her finger into the girl’s anus in such a way that she makes her have an orgasm, the girl keeps sucking and the second woman moves and moans that she also achieves her whitish orgasm that the girl drinks and manages to form a white moustache and leaves the rest of her face smeared.

-You can go. It was good, but don’t worry, we won’t do anything to you again unless you want us to.

After that traumatic experience, Anyara looked for another route to continue going to school but she would question her sexuality……