The dark side of Luna (Ch. 3): Giving it up the ass for the first time

– And by the way Luna, my name is Luciano, you can call me by my name – yes I already knew it, but I preferred to call you “my therapist” have a good afternoon, see you. 

Luna left that place again unhappy and now she was ashamed of her stupidity to think that she could seduce that man who called her attention so much, not to mention the anger she felt when she was rejected, and if before she had a lot of questions going around in her head, now she had a mixture of mixed feelings.

– Mother come on, I invite you to spend a different afternoon, let’s have some fun – how did it go? – We’ll talk about it later – okay, by the look on your face it didn’t go very well.

– I want to go to a place to eat and have a drink, I want to relax, and we can talk about different things, I really want to do things I have never done before.

– Her mother looks at her and says – ok daughter, as you wish, you know that I want to be more than your mother, I want to be your friend and that you trust me, I know that you keep many things to yourself and that you tell me very few things – ok mom.

– Luna and her mother arrive to a bar, the place is almost empty because of the time, apart from being the second day of the week, people are working and then one or the other leaves their stressful working day to have a drink and then go back home. They sit at the bar, looking around the place, the bartender approaches and asks – What are you going to order? To which Luna replies – Hello! Please bring me the menu to order something to eat and then we’ll order something to drink – okay, I’m at your service, whenever you want, tell me.

Mommy I want to drink and drink until I can’t drink anymore! I want to get drunk “haha”! – daughter by God – I’m serious mommy, so today you will be my drinking buddy and my confidant, a girl’s night out, so enjoy – but if you don’t drink – well my girl you’ll know! I’m here for you.

-They ordered Mexican fajitas and a couple of beers, they kept talking and laughing about their few past anecdotes, the bartender just watched them and smiled when he heard their stories every time he passed near where they were, Luna would give him a look with a smile and he would return it with a much more mischievous smile, Her mother noticed their flirtation and she was also attracted by that boy of about 35 years old, tall, with a bushy beard, dark skin, rough features and frizzy hair, with a twisted smile, a little muscular, with a little bit of belly, and a good butt that made him look very good in the pants he was wearing, she detailed him completely. But the boy insisted on being noticed by Luna, when he saw her he winked and showed his white teeth with his charming smile, which captivated Luna.

Time went by and the liquor was having an effect on both of them, especially on Luna who is not used to drinking; they were already talking louder and the looks towards the bartender were more daring, something that the boy did not miss and approached them, he introduced himself – nice to meet you, my name is Valentin, at your service! and offered them a couple of beers for the house, they smiled and shook his hand, a pleasure and agreed to receive Valentin’s present, after a while some other people started to arrive, in this case males, Luna inspected with her eyes the whole place and realized that the only women were her mother, her and the lady from the kitchen, she and the lady from the kitchen were the only ones who were there, There were only three tables occupied and one man at the end of the bar, while her mother was still ogling Valentin, but he was more interested in Luna than in her beautiful mother, and on the other hand Luna was also interested in him even though he was not as old as she liked.

– Mommy I’m going to the bathroom, I felt like peeing. Did you notice how hot Valentin is?

– Yes! Of course, daughter, I’ve been watching him for a while and I can tell he wants to be with you

– Yes mommy, I noticed it too, but he also sees you, does he want to be with both of you? No problem for me, hahaha. I’ll be right back, I’ll leave you alone with him – my daughter for God’s sake, you’ve got some things on your mind.

Luna gets up from the bar stool, lowers her dress and when she walks she wobbles, which Valentin notices and tells her – Do you want me to walk you to the bathroom door?

– No thanks, you’re very kind – you’re welcome, be careful, you’ll trip.

Luna enters the bathroom, opens the toilet door, cleans the lid with paper, pulls up her dress, pulls down her panties and sits down to urinate, when she is almost finished, she hears the bathroom door open very carefully and says – Mommy, is that you? There was silence and after a while she hears – no, it’s Valentin, I wanted to see if you were ok – what are you doing here? – I told you I wanted to know if you were ok – yes I am.

He was trying to open the door cautiously and she was holding the door so he wouldn’t do it, she told him – Luna, since I saw you come in you really caught my attention, with that short dress, those pretty sandals, your hair down, and that sculptural body, you really make me want you so much that I couldn’t control the desire to come to the bathroom to be alone with you.

She remained silent sitting on the toilet, without taking her hand off the doorknob, those words were having an effect, Luna began to experience another kind of wetness that was not exactly the urine dripping between her slit, she felt a thick flow wetting her labia and her clitoris was getting hard, her nipples wanted to burst. She felt a completely different arousal than she had ever felt before.

– Luna please let me go in there with you – Valentin What if someone comes in? Besides remember that my mother is at the bar waiting for me

– Don’t worry no one will come in here, there are only men and this is the women’s bathroom, your mother won’t come, she’s busy on her cell phone and drinking her beer.

Luna let her guard down, turned the knob and let Valentin push the door, he saw her with eyes of desire, he got on his knees in front of her who was still sitting with her pantyhose around her ankles, he kissed her legs and told her: “What divine legs you have, I love them.

– What divine legs you have, I love you, I wanted to be with you like this – Valentin this is crazy, someone can come in – Don’t you like what I do? – Yes I love it, but I’m afraid someone will come in or my mother will come looking for me – relax, just enjoy the moment.

He kept kissing and licking Luna’s legs and she kept pulling Valentin’s frizzy hair, he finished taking off the pantyhose and put it in his pants pocket. In that small cubicle, as best she could Luna raised her legs a little and opened up, giving him a full view and an entrance to her wet, smelly pussy. He stuck his broad nose between her slit which he smelled with lust and with it he rubbed right at her clitoris and meatus.

– Luna by god, what a divine smell you have in your vagina, that smell of piss and sweat really turns me on – Yes Valentin, do you like it? Come on smell it for you, rub your nose on it, do it while you lick my ass! Make me come in your mouth, lick my ass, stick your tongue in it, and with your nose rub my bean – Hum! what a rich taste and what a divine smell, you have a delicious ass and a pussy smelling of sex – you’re my dog, lick now my pussy sadistic bastard that I like, bite softly that I’m here squeezing my tits and I’ll lick my nipples, come on dog, lick What are you waiting for? Suck my nipple, make me come you bastard, do it.

– Luna how divine you have it, I like it very much, it’s big and fleshy – keep it up, I like it, stick a finger in my ass while you suck me, take it out and stick it in without mercy, ahhh! I like it, yes like that.

– When Valentin felt Luna cum in his mouth, he stayed there for a while running his tongue and tasting her exquisite thick and crystalline nectar.

Already tired and with his legs numb from being in that position, he stood up, with one hand he grabbed her by the back of her hair to hold her head and keep it firm, with the other he took his erect and lubricated penis that was already dripping a little semen; He understood perfectly what Luna wanted and with both hands he took her by the face and began to ram her roughly, something that Luna liked and reminded her of the experience with the boy in the car in the park.

But Valentin’s intention was not to finish in her mouth, he wanted to penetrate her, after defiling Luna’s mouth and leaving some of his semen, he stood her up, kissed her and abruptly put her on her back, opened her legs and she placed both hands open against the wall with the toilet getting a little in the way underneath her.

– Valentin, I’ve never been penetrated in either of my orifices and I really don’t want to lose my virgo here.

-What, are you a virgin? –

– Yes – I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to bend over to lick your delicious ass again and then I’ll fuck it – Valentin that’s going to hurt

– No please! – Yes, you’ll see, you’ll like it.

– He ignored her refusal and proceeded to do exactly as he told Luna, he opened her buttocks and stuck his tongue in her tight hole and licked like a thirsty dog.

Luna was writhing in pleasure and he just kept on doing it, then he reached behind her, took his penis in his hand and began to thrust it into the tight hole. Luna gritted her teeth and gasped with her mouth between closed and open, he pushed a little hard to get it in, but it was a little difficult.

– Luna please relax a little, loosen the muscles so he can enter, if you squeeze it will hurt. It is anal.

– I’m scared, it’s hurting me and it hasn’t entered yet, imagine when he enters

– Trust me honey, relax and you’ll see that you’ll like it

– Okay.

– Luna relaxed, letting herself be carried away by her lover, he was slowly inserting that thick and long penis until the end, Luna pressed her lips and hit the wall with her closed fist, while he pulled out and inserted that huge phallus. As it went in and out, the anus dilated more and Luna no longer felt so much pain, on the contrary, she was feeling infinite pleasure.

– My God Valentin, how divine, I had never felt this pleasure so rich and exciting, give it harder, I like this mixture of pain and pleasure, give it to me, make me feel your bitch, I’m yours, give me more, I want more! – what a nice ass she has and what beautiful buttocks, big and round – spank me, squeeze them as you please, at this moment they are yours, do whatever you want, give me harder.

– Valentin obeying spanked hard and rammed mercilessly, she moved back and forth and sometimes broke her hips.

– Luna I’m going – Give it harder, I want that milk in my ass – move pussy, give it bitch, you’re my bitch, I’m going ahhhh! How rich, I left how divine!

Both were in total stillness, only the agitated breaths could be heard, little by little Valentin took out his penis, pulled up his pants halfway, took out Luna’s pantyhose from his pocket and handed it to her, she put it on, went to the mirror to get ready, in the sink he washed his member while he continued to look at her.

– I’ve never done this before, first time I’ve ever been penetrated – did you like it? – Even though it hurt, I can say that I liked it.

At that moment, the door opens and it’s Luna’s mother, she stares at her daughter who is in front of the mirror adjusting her outfit; and she also sees the boy finishing adjusting his pants, she stares at both of them and asks her daughter – What’s going on here? – Nothing mommy, I’ll tell you later.

Valentin slips out of the place leaving Luna with her mother in the bathroom.