The exotic dancer… the shepherd’s daughter

On a certain occasion a friend of the company we worked for invited me to the retirement party of one of the workers. Normally they do not invite me, because being their boss, they feel intimidated when they see my presence. There is usually liquor involved and for this occasion, they had hired two exotic dancers to say goodbye to Sam, who had postponed his retirement as he was already in his 70s.

I don’t know what would happen, but the reception corridors can be intimidating and for someone who doesn’t know the facilities, a real challenge even with the amount of signage we have as a guide. So I meet the friendly and beautiful Louise walking down one of the office corridors and she asks me: “Excuse me, could you direct me to the conference room? -I told her that’s where I was headed, if she would give me a couple of minutes I could walk her to the door.

The sweet girl smiled at me, she was wearing a red dress with a skirt above the knee. She had a delightful smile and her body was naturally one of the perfect measurements with medium round busts that partially showed from a suggestive cleavage. I walked in and out of my office to find her waiting for me and a little worried because according to her she was minutes away from being late. I sensed that she was the exotic dancer and was carrying one of those suitcases with rhododendrons.

I felt there was chemistry in the air in those five minutes it took us to get to the room. She thanked me and looked for my friend who was the one who had hired her for the job. I always stay away from these parties and always leave in the first few minutes and that way everyone else feels free to act as they please. I went over to say goodbye to Sam and wish him a happy retirement and obviously being the center of attraction, these two girls were right next to him. The one I had escorted to the lounge said to me in a flirtatious manner, “Don’t go! I was thinking of giving you special treatment for how polite you have been to me. – Obviously, these girls are a temptation and I don’t know how it occurred to me to whisper in her ear: -Remember where my office is? I’ll be waiting for you there when you’re done. -I said.

I knew that they usually only lasted an hour in that dance because afterward, they would all go to a bar near those facilities to continue enjoying themselves since it was also a Friday night. The front door of the ballroom was immediately outside and I never really imagined that this girl would come knocking on my door. I heard the bustle of people walking as everyone was walking away when I heard the knock. It was her, but this time she was wearing a pair of spandex pants tightly fitted to her slender and sensual body. The pants were black and she was wearing a white blouse. She was wearing high heels that made her legs look longer. She, who still remembered my name, said to me in this way: Here I am Mr. Zena, what am I good for?

I really felt a bit anxious, but also cornered with her question because this girl who I later found out was only 20 years old was there ready for anything, taking many risks and making me feel a bit insecure about myself. Regaining control I asked her:

-And what is available… what are you willing to do?

-You who are straightforward! Well, I would tell you that I’m willing to do almost anything if it’s worth it.

-Well, you tell me…

-Well… if you want a half-hour private dance it’s $100.00. A skin-to-skin dance… you can get naked if you like… but if you want something else to happen… it’s $300.00 for an hour.

-And what does $300.00 for an hour entail? -I asked.

-Everything… I guess suffice it to say that I won’t say “No” to anything you want.

I ushered her into my office, as we were in the anteroom and she saw that my office was a whole bachelor apartment that I even have a bed in a small room with an adjacent bathroom with the dimensions of a hotel room. I told her to come in, put $350.00 in her hands with $50.00 tip in advance, she took it giving me a serene look, put it in her purse, thanked me and I told her to come in for a shower, it had been a long day for me.

She assisted me in undressing, she removed my suit, tie, shirts and then unbuttoned my pants and then pulled down my boxers. He touched my sex giving me the first compliment: You have a beautiful cock! I don’t know how it will fit, but I know I’m going to enjoy it. – she told me with a tone of admiration. She took off her white blouse with her bra and this woman I hadn’t been able to see in her dance routine minutes before, truly has perfect breasts that look like she had them made. A reddish areola, nipples sized to match her breast measurements that I would have wanted to jump in and suck on. She had perfect hips, round and solid buttocks and her legs looked divine with a pair of tattoos at her knee level and another one reaching her buttocks. Her pussy was perfect, with a clitoris that could be seen when she was aroused, a perfect, flat abdomen and obviously her little line without any hair and just like when I explored her ass, no hair could be seen on her private parts. We bathed for about ten minutes, where this girl who said her name was Louise soaped my balls and massaged my phallus.

We dried off and went to the bed, which is not a double bed, but it is a good size and she was holding my phallus with the intention of giving me fellatio, but suddenly she told me like this:

-Mr. Zena… could I ask you a question? I hope you don’t mind.

-Tell me… What is your question?

-Are you married?

-No… I’m a single man. Why your question?

-It’s just that you’re really an attractive man… I never imagined that a man like you would have to pay for sex.

-Do you want to make me feel guilty?

-No… it’s not that. It’s just that it’s hard to believe I’m single. Not just that I find you attractive, but you seem to be a man of many influences.

-Do you really find me attractive? Louise, I’m a man may be twice your age… you’re just saying that to make me feel good.

-No… not at all. Believe me, I think you’re the best looking man I’ve ever been with… and yes, the oldest man, but I don’t think I’m over 40.

-I’m 45,” I told him.

He took my glans into his mouth and began to give me delicate fellatio that gradually turned into a more aggressive one. She was trying to get the whole phallus in, but because of its thickness and size she saw that it was mission impossible, but it was divine to suck. I invited her to do a 69 in which, for experience, I positioned myself on top of her and I could discover that her pussy was more than lubricated. I started with her clitoris and slowly moved down until I invaded that rich slit. She started to move her pelvis in a unique way, as she seemed to make it violently crash against my mouth… I could feel her juices flowing with that salty taste of her vagina and Louise announced it to me as she was cumming: “Oh my God, you’re making me come! -She kept moaning until her breathing normalized and it was she who took a towel and wiped my face and hers. She told me she wanted to ride me and climbed on top of me in reverse. She settled in, I pointed my glans at her pussy and watched as my 23 centimeters sank into that dreamy little pussy of this pretty woman. She only said to me when she felt my pelvis reach her buttocks: “That big cock feels so good!

My penis is obviously not the biggest, but its girth I think impresses so many girls that even my sexual mischief friend by the name of Diana, has given it her nickname and calls me “Tamal”. – TamalĂ©ame el culito. -She tells me from time to time. The truth is that most of the girls I’ve been with have given me compliments on my cock and it’s like some of them said, my veins show when it’s erect and for many women, that’s like a visual additive that leads them to raise the excitement when they blow me and obviously when I’m drilling them with my cock. Louise rides great, she definitely knows how to fuck this girl… she has some fascinating pelvic movements to watch from this position where she was riding me in reverse. Seeing that pink asshole contract when I’m fucking her pussy is a scenery apart that sends anyone to heaven. Louise also has a skill that I think all women have and that some use more than others: The way she squeezes with her vulva, but it’s a squeeze from the inside, which I

would discover she also does with her ass. And it is in this way that provokes my first ejaculation. She had stopped making those pelvic movements and dedicated herself to contracting her vagina and squeezing me so rich and that sensation made me explode and pucker my testicles. Since she hadn’t fucked for a week, her pussy was filled with my sperm which I heard run out and hit me violently as Louise expelled it against the toilet water. Then it came to my mind and I said to her:

-I don’t know if you noticed… but I didn’t use a condom.

-Don’t worry… I take care of myself: I use the pill. Besides, I wanted to enjoy your beautiful cock as natural as this.

-Is your little ass available?

-I told you I wouldn’t say no to anything you wanted to do… of course it’s available… everything is available to you. How do you want me?

-On all fours. -I told him.

-On all fours… I love to be fucked on all fours,” he told me. – he told me.

-And how many of you have enjoyed this nice ass Louise?

-Actually, you’re the third.

-Do you have a boyfriend?

-Yes… and I’ve never given it to him. He’s never asked me! -she said.

He had already gained confidence and before assuming that doggy position, he gave me rich fellatio again and this time he concentrated on stimulating my balls. He has a good touch, as I never complained about how he squeezed them with his lips. She got on all fours on the bed and I returned the favor in that position and even licked her ass for about 5 minutes. That’s when she told me: “You know, you are the first… no one has ever done that to me before… you gave me such a great pleasure. You are a man of experience. -She finished saying. -I spit on my glans, let go a spit into Louise’s asshole and we began the task of drilling this beautiful woman’s rich asshole.

As always, I wanted to take it tactfully and even though she was rejecting me because of the thickness, I slowly worked it in until her anus ring completely trapped my glans. This girl has it so tight that even I felt the difference between hundreds of experiences. I only listened to her moans without being able to see her face and I asked her:

-Does it hurt a lot… do you want me to take it out?

-No… I think I’m going to give you a somewhat confusing answer; it hurts, but I like it. I feel your cock in my ass so good!

-Do you want me to pump it for you?

-No… let me enjoy it like this. I can feel it pulsing inside my ass and it’s a delight I don’t remember feeling before… Leave it there… like this… softly. Mmm, anal.- she said.

What a delight it is to see that rich ass of how she had swallowed every inch of my cock and so without much movement, she began to squeeze my cock and her asshole looked like lips squeezing deliciously. She just said: don’t move… just squeeze your cock like this, just like you did, it feels delicious. That was enough to bring Louise to a powerful orgasm that felt like she was crying and that’s when I gave her a thrust that brought me to glory again. My cock only came out when she became passive again and a stream of cum ran down this pretty woman’s ass. She had bled it out and by this time we were 10 minutes over the agreed time.

I had enjoyed the fuck I was giving her so much that I offered her $300.00 for another hour, but she told me that she had to be home. That this was not a regular part of the routine and that she had done it because she simply liked me. She took another light bath and put on her makeup and from her suitcase, she pulled out a more conservative and casual dress but she always looked exquisitely sensual. She said to me in a joking manner: “I will leave you my panties as a souvenir, just be careful that your wife doesn’t find them. I went to see her off where her car was, as it was already night and the parking lot was half empty. She gave me a passionate tongue kiss and said: “That was a nice fuck, but I’m afraid it won’t happen again… Goodbye Tony”. – And she left.

Louise is one of the most beautiful faces and perfect bodies I have ever seen. It is very hard to forget them and I who meet a lot of people every day, it is easy for me to forget them and after eight months I didn’t even remember the beautiful and sensual 20-year-old girl. But one summer afternoon at my sister’s restaurant I see her showing off the facilities to some potential clients. It’s a group of about six, but then my sister gets called by the management and gets me involved with this group. Coincidentally, it’s Louise and her fiancĂ© with some relatives considering my sister’s facilities for their wedding reception. That day I find out that her real name is Patricia, whose father is a pastor of a local church and that her mother is a former client of my sister. Everything was handled very naturally, although I know this girl was surprised and nervous. Finally, we reached an agreement on the price of the facilities, since my sister was giving them a good price, and also Patricia’s or Louise’s mother had bought a condo from my sister for the bride and groom. We agreed that they would arrive with a check later. It was Patricia who arrived alone and gave the check to my sister and then looked for me in the restaurant and said.

-It really is a small world, Mr. Zena! I never imagined I would meet your beautiful wife. -He said it ironically.

-Yes it is… I never imagined that your father was the pastor of the biggest church in the place and our client. Although you are wrong about my wife… she is my sister.

-I imagine you’ll be here for my reception.

-I could… unless you ask me not to come to my restaurant.

-Could that be possible?

-Yes… if you ask me to. -Yes… if you ask me to. Although there is a condition.

-What condition? -What condition?

-I’d like to give you a bachelorette party at a time that you think is more prudent.

-It sounds like blackmail to me, but believe me, I’d like it too. -How about Monday at the No Tell Hotel after 10:00 a.m.?

-That sounds perfect!

-I look forward to it, although I’m afraid it won’t be the only bachelorette party he’ll be giving me.

She left with a fuzzy smile, I watched her leave the restaurant and yes, there she was, not a second more or a minute less, in the hotel parking lot. We fucked like crazy and I was right, it wasn’t just a farewell… in the months she was still single, I have eaten that ass to death and hear that gasp of pleasure from the cumshots I took from this beautiful rent woman and daughter of a pastor, but who never charged me again, because she exploited her secret and not only did we fuck in the days of her bachelorhood, but I took her to bed several times after her honeymoon.