The first lesbian experience is not forgotten.

A girl who will never forget her first experience with her teacher .
Hello everyone. My name is Maria. At that time I was about to finish high school, my body about to finish developing, already presented a medium and firm breasts, big ass and yes. My legs were shapely because of the soccer I used to play.

Until that day I did not know my taste for women, but there was a teacher who made me uneasy.
Her name is Karen. White skin, big breasts and big hips, nice legs. You could say a woman’s delicacy and besides being a history teacher she was an assistant coach.

I was just content to watch her in the locker room after the game.
I could stare at her beautiful body for hours. When Karen noticed me looking at her, far from getting upset or feeling sorry or anything like that, she would smile at me.

That made me more anxious for her.
As I said before. I didn’t think about women. On the contrary. I was thinking about the delight of having a penis inside me.

We had a tremendous blowout when we won an inter-school championship and it was actually at Karen’s house.

Encouraged by alcohol and every time my teacher passed by me or I simply sat next to her to talk to her, I took the opportunity to touch her legs or touch my hand on her buttocks.

And how could I not. She was wearing a red miniskirt, a black top, which to me looked beautiful.

Since I am not used to alcoholic beverages, one of my friends took me to one of the three bedrooms in the house, since I was already a little sick.
Soon Karen came in to see if I was okay.

As she sat down on one side, I soon placed a hand on her leg. And she said:

  • Are you crazy? You’ve been looking at me with different eyes for a long time and now you’re trying to touch me.
  • Pedona. It’s just that I’m a little dizzy from the alcohol.
  • Maria, don’t give me that story. Sit down, I’ll give you something so you won’t be dizzy.

Already seated. She started to massage my back, rubbing every part of it, even under the zipper of a blue dress I was wearing, which made me wet when I felt her hands on my hair.

In surprise Karen gave timid kisses on my neck. I closed my eyes and touched her leg higher and higher.

Without saying anything, we started kissing.

Her tongue was probing every part of my mouth, her hands and mine were squeezing each other’s breasts.

Soon he laid me down on the bed to insert his face under my dress, I could feel how he smelled my crotch, and then he took off my boxer shorts to give me my first and the most delicious oral a woman can give.

With each lick on my papaya, I felt how I slipped, I screamed with pleasure, my clitoris burned with each blowjob. I felt like I was dying from so much pleasure.

He sat me down again to take off my clothes and hang on my nipples.
I pulled his head up to devour his mouth, kissing him more expertly.

We did what would be my first 69, but not before she asked me to imitate what she was doing in my pussy.

Her smell and taste made me lose control of my horniness; for, I almost ripped her clitoris off with each suck.

We changed position, now my vagina was on her face.
She knew how to calculate when my orgasm would come, because when it came, besides feeling that I was emptying myself, she did not stop taking all my games.

I was howling with pleasure; that orgasm was the biggest and the first I had ever had in my mouth.

How delicious her juices tasted, I never wanted them to end.
She got on top of me, tangling our tongues, caressing each other’s bodies.
She asked me to lay on my side, putting one leg up on her shoulder and what was my surprise?

That our cunts were rubbing against each other, making both Karen and I scream like two cats in heat.

The second orgasm my history teacher made me feel left me nearly dead.
We went back to 69, only to clean ourselves up so we could get dressed.

  • See how I made you feel so dizzy? Did you like it?

I replied as we kissed again.
We rested for a while and then went back to the party.
Karen drove us home, leaving me last to say goodbye with another hot kiss.

  • This will be our first and last time Karen?

That promise left me all turned around for the rest of that semester and I will remember it forever.

It left me horny and wanting to finish. 5 stars