The first time

We enter the house and the first thing he orders me to do is to undress completely.

I obey him without delay even though I’m trembling more and more, I don’t know if it’s out of pure pleasure or fear for what he’s going to do to me next, the two feelings are confused.

He makes me kneel down and put my ass in “pomp”, the first thing is going to be a good spanking session for having been bad and having made him wait so long to possess me.

He starts with a few hand spankings but then he picks up a whip and starts to hit me with it, waiting just the right amount of time between blows so that the pain of one doesn’t cancel out the pain of the previous one.

Although I know I should not protest, since I deserved it, I can not avoid some moaning, which makes my master decides to give me a few lashes on my sex to stop the punishment. These last spankings make me shrink, it is a penetrating pain that I had never felt before, as my sex is very excited.

When the punishment is over my master sits on the sofa and brings me closer to his crotch to begin my education with a “practical class” on how to suck his cock properly.

To start I have to lick it thoroughly, from the testicles to the tip without leaving a single millimeter without going over it. Then I start to give him a kind of tongue kisses all over the cock that is getting bigger and harder.

Then I start to suck it by putting the tip in my mouth and without wasting time I start to introduce it more and more. My master accelerates the rhythm and intensity of the movements, until he cums in my mouth, making me swallow all his semen without leaving me a drop.

He leads me to the room, there on the bed there is a rope with which he ties my body from the waist up, a spreader bar that he places on my ankles leaving me completely open and a blindfold with which he covers my eyes.

He leaves me in the middle of the room, with nothing around me to give me a reference of where he might be or what he might be doing. This makes me start to get very nervous, anxious for something to happen.

Suddenly I notice something on my nipples, my master is placing something that at first I notice soft and even pleasant, but suddenly I notice a great pressure and that my nipples are stretched downwards. I deduce that he has just placed some weights on my nipples.

This gives me a feeling of excitement that I would not have thought possible, especially because of the little pain that precedes it.

Then something begins to enter my anus, something much thicker than a finger, which at first not only does not displease me but makes me wetter than it already was, but after a while and since my anus is not used to it, it starts to sting, even to hurt.

I start to protest and my master stops moving the object he has inserted in my ass but does not take it out.

At once I understand why. My master has gone to look for a gag to muffle my moans. It is one of those with a big ball that he puts in my mouth and ties behind my head.

After this operation he continues with the training of my anus, but this time it is his cock that is introduced in my ass.

He fucks me like I’ve never been fucked before, not only because of the orifice, but also because of the intensity, the force, the speed. I’m getting hornier and hornier until my orgasm is imminent and then… my master stops, he doesn’t want me to cum without his permission, so he spanks me for being a slut and throws me on the bed.

He immediately places me on all fours, although as my hands are tied behind my back, he has to hold me by the shoulders so that I don’t fall forward and the weights on my nipples do their job better.

A few more spanks before he thrusts his cock into my pussy. In one thrust his cock goes deep and he continues to thrust in and out so that each thrust is deeper and more intense.

He speeds up until my orgasm arrives, this time he lets me cum because he immediately pulls his cock out of my pussy and sprays his cum all over my back.

He lets me lie face down on the bed and rest. After a while he unties me, removes my gag, blindfold and spreader bar and takes me to the bathroom for a shower. After washing up he makes me kneel at his feet, he is happy with me and puts my doggy collar on me.