The pact part.2 The punishment

The next day the three girls got together again to talk about if Tamara had dared to fuck him or if she had given in, as they thought she had not given in and they asked her how it went, she told them how surprised she was when she saw his cock because it was huge, it almost did not fit in her mouth, they got excited with every word Tamara told them, but they still did not believe it, they needed to see it for themselves.

-Well, what’s my punishment?

-But you brushed it off

-Yeah, but I want you to punish me.

-Well let’s see, we hadn’t thought of anything, I got it, it wasn’t a fantasy of yours to fuck a teacher.

-Exactly, and it wasn’t just my fantasy, it was everyone’s fantasy.

-Well, you’re going to fuck the English teacher.

-But she’s a woman?

-Yeah, that’s why you didn’t want us to punish you.

-Well, what do you think? I’m not going to dare, I don’t hate anything, and besides, she’s really hot!

-So that’s how it’s settled

-One question, what’s the next one to fuck the nerd?



-Yes, I was the first and I decide who goes next, but after my punishment.

-Okay, I’m going to bleed him dry

-That’s the way to talk

The same afternoon, in English class. Tamara sat in the front row but as if she wasn’t there, just looking up and down repeating in her mind “What a woman, by God”.

The class ended on time, although it seemed like an eternity to Tamara because she couldn’t stop thinking about feeling his body rubbing up against hers.

When everyone left she stayed talking to the teacher about how bad she was doing in English.

And she asked her if she could do some extra work to raise her grade, the teacher explained that she could send her extra work, but she also told her that she did not do the homework that she already sent, and that this way she was not going to pass, while she was talking the girl did not stop looking at her lips as she moved them and without thinking twice she threw herself on top of her to kiss her, The teacher after seeing what he had done did not give credit, he had kissed a student, but the girl continued and began to speak in a playful tone “Surely I can not do any extra work,” he said as he continued kissing her, the first moments the teacher defended herself, but after a while he gave up.

And began to reciprocate the kisses that the student gave her, when they began to get hot they began to take off each other’s clothes, and began to lick each other’s naked bodies, starting with the breasts that the teacher had huge and each time they went down a little more, Tamara told the teacher to lie down on the table and she obeyed and began to take off her panties exposing a pussy although shaved with a few hairs of pubic hair, she quickly began to eat her hairy pussy and took from her drawer a large plastic penis that she keeps for when she has free time.

She gave it to the girl to take it up both her pussy and ass. Tamara seeing that she was enjoying like a bitch decided to try it and changed for her and asked her to do the same to her too, noticing how that penis was going deeper and deeper, she remembered the nerd’s penis that according to her was a wonder.

When the teacher got her to almost cum, she decided to do a 69 with her so they would both enjoy the extra exercise she had proposed to raise her grade, so she put her pussy on top of her mouth and lay down until her tongue touched the student’s pussy and so she got them both to cum with pleasure for a long time.