The Soft Truth

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” – The Buddha

Porn has been known to cause these problems in men: avoiding or lacking interest in sex with a real partner, experiencing difficulty becoming sexually aroused with a real partner and maintaining erections, or even unwanted delayed orgasm.

Men can feel the need to think of porn during sex to get off, or be too aggressive, demanding, or rough with partner trying to act out a porn fantasy. Men can become emotionally distant and not present during sex, feeling dissatisfied following sex with a real partner, which leads to having difficulty establishing or maintaining an intimate relationship. Overall, porn can desensitize you to sex with a woman since real sex may not be as exciting as porn, and you’ve trained your brain to be stimulated by porn and masturbation not real sex.

Porn is also unrealistic. Women in porn do things that not all women in the real world want to do. Not every woman wants to be a man’s sex slave every time, to give blowjobs on command, or to ejaculate on their face or have a penis in their ass. These are, of course, normal acts in porn and you have trained your brain to expect and want these things from women. Regular sex for many becomes boring and less stimulating than watching porn and masturbating.

Watching excessive amounts of porn has been known to lead to men having erectile dysfunction and prolonged ability or inability to ejaculate with real women. Your brain needs dopamine to have and maintain an erection, and if you have become desensitized from porn, then your brain is not receiving the dopamine it needs to have and maintain an erection. Equally, your brain also needs dopamine to ejaculate. If your brain is desensitized, then this can lead to prolonged ejaculation.

Frequent and compulsive masturbation can also desensitize a man to common types of touch and stroke. When this happens, normal vaginal stimulation doesn’t work and it becomes difficult to maintain sexual stamina and interest. If a man continues down the path of watching more and more porn and masturbating, then a real vagina no longer pleasures as good as the grip of your hand and the visual stimulation of the unending novelty of porn.

When a healthy male has sex, arousal builds up through different triggers that respond to sight, sound, and touch. As the sex intensifies, the arousal builds until it reaches the point of ejaculatory ecstasy. If porn use has desensitized your brain to dopamine, then arousal won’t build up enough for you to ejaculate. You can also be so harsh on your penis when you masturbate that you have become less sensitive to stimulation through touch. If you’re under 40 and in good health, then you should not have erectile problems. If you can only get an erection to porn, then porn could be the main source of this problem.

Don’t mask the problem by investing in erection supplements and drugs. Solve the problem at its roots by significantly reducing or stopping porn and masturbation use.
Your body can heal itself from the damage that porn has done over several months or years. Begin that journey and start to experience harder and longer lasting erections and enjoy ejaculation with women in the real world versus porn.

Porn doesn’t just reduce your ability to perform in the bedroom but also damages your views of women. If you’ve struggled in dating or in relationships with women then this could be the root of the problem…