The Story of All of Us

“The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are from what we could become.” – Charles du Bois

Click, type, click…
Fewer than 5 seconds: That’s how long it takes to be watching your favorite pornstar doing anything you want online. Teen, lesbian, anal, amateur, gangbang, double penetration – You name it, it’s yours in fewer than 5 seconds.
Just decades ago, men could go their entire lives with only seeing a handful of naked women. In the 1950s, if a man saw a woman wearing a skirt above the knees with bare ankles or shoulders visible, this was considered erotic. That’s unbelievably tame compared to what we can find online today or see just walking down a strip mall, with half-naked women in the windows of retail stores. Today, most adult men have seen hundreds if not thousands of naked women doing just about everything online.
Today the average age at which a boy views porn is 11 years old. By 15, he’s seen women do things he never thought possible. By 18, he has his own collection of favorite porn stars and spends 30 minutes per day watching porn. Never before has there been so much free access to any type of sexual fantasy you could – and could not – imagine.
We are the first generation in all of human history to grow up with unlimited and free, convenient access to high definition porn via mobile smartphone or tablet.
The research isn’t even out yet on the long-term effects of porn on adolescents into adulthood for men. You are basically an experiment and no one cares how this will affect your life. How does this affect a man’s relationships? His family? His social life? And views of women? How about in the workplace?
Virtually everywhere you go in the world you have porn with you. It’s like having a drug dealer in your pocket. But instead, this drug is sexual fantasy and that fantasy is getting out of control.
That’s why today we are experiencing: “The Porn Pandemic.”
Porn refers to any text, image, audio, or video that emphasizes the sexual aspects of a subject and stimulates a compulsive interest in its audience. The term pandemic is an outbreak of a disease over a region. A disease is a disorder of structure or function in a living organism that produces symptoms not a direct result of physical injury.
If you’re not convinced this is a pandemic, then let me walk you through the numbers.