The teacher destroys my ass

More than a lover Jonathan was a real man, I no longer cared about my husband’s indifference, in fact, although I assumed he had a lover, I just waited every third night of the week to be in bed with Jonathan!

The sex was delicious, his caresses, his oral sex, the way he thrust into me, I had it tattooed in my being, maybe I was in love or it was the passion that overflowed, but I just wanted to be possessed by that man.

I forgot to mention in my previous story that Jonathan was married and like me he was living a complicated situation, but one afternoon he told me that he wanted to make things right with his wife and started to distance himself from me!

One Friday I received his call, he was very serious, he went straight to the point, he was going to Michoacán with his wife to live and try to have his second wind, honestly that broke me down, the man who had lifted me up in my worst moment was moving away, but I had to understand, we both had lives and that from the beginning was just sex and desire!

That same Friday, at about 8 o’clock at night I arrived at his workshop, that workshop that saw us give ourselves to passion on several occasions.

J: What are you doing here?

K: I came to say goodbye!

J: You shouldn’t have, now I’m at a crossroads!

K: Relax, I’m not here to stop you, I just wanted to see you one last time!

I made a couple of coffees and we sat in some waiting chairs where we talked about our destinies.

J: My wife heard about you!

K: Really?

J: Don’t worry, nothing happened, I think that motivated her to change and try again!

K: Well, I’m glad, I’m sure my husband wouldn’t understand it that way!

We stared at each other, although we didn’t say it with our mouths, the desire we had for each other was already in our minds.

Once the coffee was finished, I stood up and gave him a big hug and without saying anything else I started to head for the exit.

J: I’m going to miss you!

Those words not only moved me but made me lose myself, I turned and ran to him, my mouth immediately sought his, we kissed passionately, our hands were lost in the clothes that hindered us, slowly we entered the room where he sometimes slept and the one that was the battlefield in former times!

He laid me down on the bed and took off his shirt, I took off my blouse and our bodies rubbed against each other making us more excited!

He took off my pants and his tongue ran from my feet to between my legs, I sighed with acceleration, my body was asking for it, my vagina was throbbing for him!

He took off my truss and his tongue gently tasted my wet pussy, his hands caressed my nipples and I biting my lips I demanded him not to stop.

K: Uhm, don’t stop, please!

J: So rich!!!

I felt myself coming, his tongue did not stop, he licked me from my anus to my clitoris, he gave me light bites, I was already all soaked, his fingers also participated in taking my pussy, I was slowly reaching my orgasm!

K: Ah, my God!

J: That’s my love, it’s so good!

It was my turn, I took off his top and began to caress his testicles with machismo love, I rubbed them, kissed them, put his little head on my tongue and licked it as if it were my last food, little by little I introduced it in my mouth, while his sighs encouraged me not to stop.

K: Yummy, I’ll miss her!

J: Uhm, don’t stop, like this my love, continue!

He chokes me all by myself, his thick cock had my mouth full, while his hands caressed my buttocks and he stuck his fingers in my pussy hungry for him.

K: Put it in me now!

J: Lie down and lift your legs!

I obeyed him and positioned myself as he told me, he grabbed my feet and gently inserted it, enjoying every inch of our sexes.

He moved slowly and that had me at full capacity, as I felt his hardness to the max, I moaned and screamed, I hugged him with my legs and he kissed me with a lot of passion.

K: So, uhm, so good!

J: Ah! Ugh, I don’t want to leave you!

He put me on my side and he was behind me, thrusting hard as he turned my head and we kissed with our tongues!

His penetrations satisfied me like never before, that day he was harder and more virile, he put me on my stomach and squeezed me with a lot of force making me see the stars!

J: Uhm, that’s rich uhm, take it!

K: Like this, don’t stop, please!

J: What buttocks, what legs and the way you do it, you’re the best!

K: Ah, don’t stop, baby, I’m yours, I’m yours!

I felt his semen fill me with force, we were very excited, I was also coming in that second orgasm, we screamed and moved the bed unleashing our passion.

As soon as he pulled out of me, I went to lick and suck him gently, I swallowed his cum, I was not disgusted, on the contrary, I sucked every last sperm that came out.

He was caressing my back, my buttocks, he was putting it all the way in, little by little he was getting hard again!

J: You make me harder!

K: I want you like this!

J: Will you let me give you from behind?

I was a little hesitant, it had been a while since I gave my ass to anyone, but what better than with him to use it again!

K: Yes my love, my ass is yours! I like anal.

His penis was harder than metal, I filled my hand with saliva and took it to my anus, he lay down and I climbed up looking at him from the front, inserting his thick cock in my anus all by myself!

J: My love, uhm, how nice!

K: Ah!!! You kill me!

I strung myself alone and began to move gently, I was hurting his thickness, but the desire was stronger, he moaned and moved me to his rhythm, he squeezed my tits, he grabbed my buttocks to push me more of his hard cock!

J: Yummy, this is the best!

K: Ouch!!! It hurts, but enjoy baby!

J: My God, this is unique!

K: Like this, put it in, uhm, put it in!

I was on top giving me sit-ups and moving in circles, then he asked me to lie down again with my legs open!

K: Like this my love!

J: You look so hot!

I spread my legs and he spread my ass cheeks to put his cock back in my ass!

K: Ah, how nice, uhm!!!

J: Ah, uhm, yeah, that’s nice!

K: What a nice cock, more, give me more!

J: Uhm, take it my love!

First he gave it to me gently while he caressed my breasts and my ass, kissed my feet and increased the rhythm of his onslaught.

I felt like I was vomiting, his thick cock had me enjoying, but at the same time it hurt and generated effects inside me!

J: Do you like it baby, do you like it there?

K: Ah, you’re killing me, don’t stop!

J: Whose are you?

K: I’m yours, my body will always be for you!

He fucked me so good in that pose, he lifted my legs, bent me, rammed me wildly and then gently, I slipped out of my vagina and asked him not to stop.

He put me on all fours and spread my buttocks open to thrust in!

I felt like I would vomit, his hardness and thickness were too much and although I was used to it, in that pose it was more pleasurable and more painful for me!

J: Ah how yummy, this is a dream!

K: Put it in me, uhm, don’t stop!

For the first time in all this time he was pulling my hair, he was scratching me, he was a bull, the calm and passionate one was now a wild one and my ass was opening more and more!

J: Move by yourself, move!

K: Oh, it’s so good! Like this? do you like the way I do it?

J: That’s it, don’t stop, what a great ass, uhm, ah!

I was so hard, moving in circles, I was impaled, I was sweating and drooling, it was our last fuck and I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest!

K: My love, what a nice cock, I’m coming, I’m coming!

J: Uhm! Yeah, uhm, you’re killing me baby, what an ass!!!!

K: Promise me that when you do it to him you’ll think of me, just like I’ll think of you!

J: Promise, uhm, even if I’m with my wife, you own my dick!

Between the dialogue and the wild movements, little by little he was getting harder, his balls were swelling, we were panting, screaming and moving like crazy, until we finally finished together!

I moved like crazy to receive his milk, he squeezed my thighs and kept spurting his cum, what a moment!

J: Take my milk, take it!

K: Ah!!! Daddy, how nice, uhm!

J: This is magnificent!

K: Uhm, it’s so good!

The orgasm was most pleasurable, I was impaled while he was losing his erection!

We lay down and kissed each other madly, we couldn’t do it anymore, but it was impossible to want to separate.

His cell phone rang and he immediately cleaned up and got dressed, I knew it was time to leave, I did the same, he closed the doors, which he would never open again, he looked at me seriously and gave me a painting that I gave him, which had a letter written by him, he kissed my cheek and left without looking back!

I arrived home devastated, my husband asked me, but I just hugged him, I will never forget that teacher who took me out of a tunnel that I had gone into by myself, but from that day on, everything changed for me!