The terrace of the Paris hotel.

As the weather was very nice, I was on my terrace, lying naked.
There, sunbathing in the sun, another woman looks out on my terrace and greets me in French.

I answer her in the little French I know but she immediately tells me that she can speak Spanish, as she comes to Spain a lot to spend the summers on the Costa Brava with her husband.

I think it’s great and I see that she is also sunbathing naked on her terrace.
She tells me that it is very healthy to sunbathe naked as it gives her a good supply of vitamins and that it is very good for her body to keep the tan she gets on the coast during her vacations.

She also told me that she had a very well cared for and golden body because of the sun.

And so we spent several days with inconsequential phrases.
Until Carola, that’s her name, invites me to have a drink in her room and lie together on her terrace to sunbathe.

I accepted the invitation and went to her room.
There on her terrace, lying on the sun lounger indolently and sipping an orange soda with some whiskey, she whispers in my ear if I feel like putting sunscreen on my body and then I will spread it on hers.

She starts spreading the smooth, slick cream on my shoulders, then my back, ass, thighs and calves.

Once finished, I turn around and slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, he rubs my nipples, squeezes them and rubs them and they get hard as rocks as he starts sucking them with his full lips while he looks at me smiling.
She offers me her sensual mouth and without any shame we kiss for a while passionately.

Carol had a lustful and vicious look on her face and it made me very horny.
While I’m fingering her pretty little ass.

I lick her from bottom to top and when I get to her nipples I put them in my mouth and suck them with pleasure while she plays with her fingers with my little slit that is already totally wet.

She notices it and at that moment lowering her head.
Her movements and licks make me moan with pleasure, they drive me crazy and warm me up like I have never felt before.

My excitement reaches its peak and I have a wonderful orgasm.

Then she, with her legs wide open, puts her hot pussy in my mouth asking with slutty eyes for me to eat her well shaved pussy, I lick it with pleasure and sweetness, I lick it non-stop tasting her hot juices and my tongue penetrating her vagina looking for the bulging clitoris.

Carola shudders with pleasure and asks me to keep going, keep going, don’t stop.

I lick it from bottom to top and with the help of my fingers I open it wide so that she feels my whole mouth inside while with my hands I press her towards me to go even deeper.

At once, between moans of pleasure, she cums as she had never done before.

Then we both spread our legs wide and start eating each other’s pussy.
Our moans are in unison and soon we have a wonderful orgasm.

She continues with her greedy mouth sucking and licking my hot sex videos and I cum two more times.

After that, for several days my friend Carola and I continued to enjoy our amorous encounters in that wonderful Paris.