Un fin de semana con mi prima (Part 2)

Waiting for my cousin to sleep at some point when I woke up the TV was already turned off, I straightened up and Lucero was already asleep, she was on her back to my side and her big ass on the edge of the bed, I couldn’t hold it any longer and calmly put my hand on her, touching her ass.

Gently I started to caress it, by that time I had a hard cock.

Suddenly she made a movement and I got scared thinking she would get up, I went back to bed, it took me a long time to get to sleep I was agitated I even sweated a little I didn’t believe I had grabbed my cousin’s buttocks.

The next morning I woke up early and went downstairs shortly after my cousin also went downstairs I was afraid that she had noticed last night and would tell on me to my parents so most of the day I was a bit fearful, but my cousin acted normal as if nothing had happened.

So I assumed she hadn’t noticed. I was anxious for the night to come, after dinner Lucero said she felt tired and would go to sleep, I pretended to stay downstairs with my parents until they went to sleep too, and once in the room I went in slowly.

She was sleeping near the edge of the bed, but she was covered, I lay down and started to put my hand between the blanket very slowly and little by little I felt Lucero’s buttocks and to my surprise she wasn’t wearing anything, suddenly she moved and I got scared and lay down quickly.

She moved to the edge of the bed face up with her feet on the edge and uncovered the cover up to her belly exposing her big ass my heart was racing and I sat up and looked at her spread legs showing me an incredible view. I approached her crotch and began to touch her vagina, it was very chubby and bulging, slowly with my two hands I opened her lips at the same time that I saw how they seemed to be glued by a thick honey, being so close the aroma of her sex called me to taste her rich honey passing my tongue and eating between her lips.

Unexpectedly she pulled her legs back and with her hands she spread her buttocks, exposing her anus. She likes anal.

Clearly it was an invitation to taste, I couldn’t resist and lowered my tongue down tasting her rich asshole bathed in rich honey.

My cock was so hard and veiny that I could no longer feel my own erection, I stood up and began to run my cock up and down between her honeyed lips.

Lucero wouldn’t take the blanket off her, I took the opportunity to grab her hips and began to fuck her, with each thrust she pushed harder and harder.

Suddenly she put her hand in and started to touch her anus, then I knew she wanted to feel more, when I pulled it out she had a white and creamy cock, I took it with my hand and penetrated her ass, I felt how I was pushing everything inside her, I still ended up inside that big ass.

After I pulled out of her, I left her anus a little open while she squeezed and released, my cum dripping from inside her.

Lucero uncovered the blanket as she stared at me, agitated, I didn’t know what to say and she says -clean me up!!!!!

Then I knew everything was ok hahaha.

The next day my uncles would come for Lucero and before leaving she took me to the room, she came over and grabbed my balls!!! and squeezed them saying “we have to see each other again”.

Of course we continued to see each other, but now in motel rooms.