Unexpected Encounter

I had entered the school bathroom, we were at break time, I was opening the door when hands grabbed me by the waist and pushed me inside, closed the door and put the lock.

It was Susy, my classmate, she had gone into the bathroom with me.

She held my head by my neck, I felt her fingers tangled in my hair, her huge green eyes were looking at me mischievously, she pulled me towards her to give me a kiss, and when we were about to give it to each other, she feinted and pulled her head back, her lips smiled as she saw mine, I put my hand on her back, at the height of her hips and held her tight; she came closer again and started kissing me; it felt delicious, her lips were soft and full, I could feel the strawberry flavor of her lipstick, it was sweet.
I liked the way she held me by the neck, tight, passionately, we kept kissing, it was lovely the way she gave me little bites on my lips as she pushed my head against hers, staring into my eyes.

I felt her hand near my knee, she started it up my leg until it reached my thongs, I pulled my body back a little, but she followed me with her hand and caressed me over my underwear.

To me the whole situation had me in shock, I had not imagined it, her entrance was so unexpected, it left me no room to react, I felt invaded, possessed by the charm of Susy’s sudden entrance and her delicious caresses.

She continued caressing my pussy over my thongs, I felt the pressure of her fingers on me, that, added to those delicious kisses that she kept on giving me, made me fall into her arms, completely forgetting the fact that we were in the bathroom.

She took my leg by the thigh and put my foot on top of the toilet, she got on her knees on the floor, with one hand she lifted my skirt, and with the other she pulled my thongs to one side, I hadn’t realized how wet I was until she put her fingers on my pussy and I could feel how easily they moved through it, soaked with my juice.

She put her head between my legs and I felt her tongue on my pussy, she started to run it from bottom to top and sometimes she concentrated only on my clitoris, she made her tongue swirl around it, she sucked it, she excited it again with her tongue; I had to bite my lips not to start moaning, I put my hands against the wall and spread my legs as wide as I could so she could suck my pussy as she wanted; her reaction was to put her hand on my buttock and she started to squeeze it, to push me against her, I looked down but the only thing I could see was my skirt above her head, I couldn’t see anything but I was feeling everything, I was swimming in a sea of pleasure coming from her mouth, it was too strong what I was feeling, the truth is that I was having a hard time keeping quiet while I could feel the wonders Susy was doing with her tongue.

It didn’t take her long to make me come, it was so much pleasure she was making me have that I quickly started to feel like my body was going to explode with excitement, I felt a sudden onslaught of pleasure, and the little spasms in my body indicated to her what was happening, I was coming.

She, stood up from the floor, licked her lips with her tongue, put her fingers on my big clit and gently caressed it; she looked into my eyes for a moment and gave me a kiss, then she put her fingers in her mouth, removed the door pin and went out, just like that, without telling me anything but leaving my body ecstatic with pleasure.