Unknown sex

My name is Rebeca, I am a very sexual person, I love to fuck both women and men.

One day I was very horny and wanted to fuck with anyone, I was 18 years old and already living alone so I could do whatever I wanted because where I lived at that time no one knew me.

I was so horny that I had already masturbated twice, I had already used anal dildos, but I wanted a good cock like crazy, but it crossed my mind that I wanted a new one, I wanted to fuck a stranger someone I didn’t know. I thought about it for a while and decided that yes, I had nothing to lose, I put on a dress with no underwear and left my apartment. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing, but I had to do it, I just didn’t know-how.

I downloaded a dating app and put in sex and without a turn, thousands of messages started coming in.

The first one that arrived I told him that if he arrived in 10 minutes we would fuck without turning around, at the end 10 minutes passed he did not arrive and so I was telling the 10 people who sent me first until one arrived at the bar.

As soon as he arrived without turning around I told him “let’s go to my house” and he said yes. We arrived, went to my room, before we started I told him “the only thing I want is to be fucked anally do it as you want, but only for the little one” (I love it when it hurts, it stresses me out waiting for it to dilate).

So when he lubricated it and started to push in, I moved back to let it all in at once, he started to fuck me, it didn’t last long, maximum 10 minutes. As I didn’t like it I told him to go away, but he was still very eager. I showered and did the dating app thing again and in 30 minutes a man of fairly old age arrived.

I told him the same thing, that it was just for the little guy and obviously he didn’t refuse. He was already a bit more experienced so I told him not to wait for me to dilate but to put it in all at once.

So he did. He did fuck me as he wanted, he pulled my hair, he choked me, he hit me and so 30 minutes went by. He finished and I told him to leave.

At that moment I thought, it’s been two in two hours, how long can I stand it. I kept looking, that day I fucked 9 guys all day long and at the end when I was already in bed I looked for a friend and ended up fucking her too (everything I did and with the 9 guys I took care of myself) I still do it today and I love it.