Viviana and the Patroness 4

In this last installment viviana turns 15 and Mariela throws a scandalous party.

Six years passed since Mariela adopted Viviana and became his girlfriend, the girl now a young lady turned 15, and Mariela was happy, since Viviana began to develop and with her hormonal changes began to increase her sexual libido and therefore demanded sex continuously, Mariela was able to satisfy that voracious sexual appetite that Viviana was acquiring.

Mariela began to plan her girlfriend’s 15th birthday party, which she was preparing for with all the necessary preparations, and while she was making her preparations, Nidia, Viviana’s mother came back to spend her vacation on the sidewalk, and by the way to visit her already adolescent daughter:

  • Daughter, but how you have grown and how beautiful you are, I can’t believe you are already 15 years old, how have you been?
  • Well mom, happy and although I have missed you a lot, Doña Mariela’s company has been the best thing that has happened to me in my life, she treats me like a princess and I help her with the chores at the farm while I study.
  • That’s good daughter, I’m glad and reassured that you feel good here with Doña Mariela.

Daughter I will be at your party and then I will leave again to continue working. – That’s fine mom, as long as you accompany me to my party I will be grateful mom. Then they hugged and Nidia went home.

The day of the party arrived, there were many guests among which were Mariela’s friends, Viviana’s friends, people from the town and neighbors with their wives and of course, Nidia were part of this celebration with lots of music, drinks, food and dancing, Viviana was happy and Mariela did not change for anyone, at dusk the guests were leaving, Nidia stayed a little longer to say goodbye to her daughter and Mariela.

  • Doña Mariela, thank you very much for taking care of my daughter, and allowing me to spend time with her and please take care of my daughter until she comes of age and then she can decide what to do.
  • Don’t worry nidia, vivianita is safe and well with me and she will be the owner of my inheritance when I die. And so Nidia left at sunset on the last transport line to the capital.

Then viviana, with a beautiful light blue dress and a spectacular hairstyle, mariela with a beautiful red dress and a ponytail hair and with them was Maria, mariela’s closest friend and viviana’s lover, they continued drinking more and more and mariela’s libido took over and she started kissing viviana, Maria got on viviana’s back and kissed her neck, mariela and Maria undressed viviana, mariela started to suck viviana’s breasts, Maria kissed her back and went down to her tail and stuck her tongue in her anus, viviana moaned and rolled her eyes, those moans intensified when mariela went down and started to kiss her vagina, which had no hair yet, feeling those two tongues at the same time she moaned in an incredible way she finally reached orgasm. Viviana was relieved and began to relax while Maria and Mariela began to undress.

Once they were both naked, they brought their breasts closer and viviana started to suck them, the ladies were breathing heavily and viviana’s mouth was still small for those breasts, then mariela made viviana kneel and made her eat her anus, viviana sucked and stuck her tongue passionately while mariela moaned, then Maria made her turn her face to receive her golden shower, then viviana drank Maria’s urine and kept sucking mariela’s anus, so much so that mariela had her orgasm, viviana went with her tongue and cleaned it until the vagina was dry, then viviana lay down and Maria went up and put her vagina on viviana’s face, she began to stick her tongue out and suck her vagina, Maria moved and moaned to the rhythm of the sucking, Mariela crossed her legs with Viviana’s and they scissored, the orgy was so intense that all three came in orgasm at the same time, Viviana cleaned Maria’s vagina and then Mariela’s with her tongue and the three of them lay down to sleep.

From then on Viviana would have two women for herself and when she finished studying she dedicated herself to learning her business to eventually receive the inheritance of her beloved Mariela. END.