Holidays in Thailand

Over the past year, my wife Christine and me not only refreshed our sexual life, but also found a very close friend whom we could trust and could invite to share our bed. It started when my wife and me were on holidays in Thailand, in one of the Phuket’s hotels. We used to talk with her an idea of
threesome, but for some reason never gave it a try. Alcohol and beach holiday on the remote sea-side recalled this idea again.

We met Steve in our hotel and we spent together all our evenings near the swimming pool. Finally my wife confessed me that she finds our new friend Steve quite handsome and she is ready to try it with him. I immediately imagined this picture of how we both doing all that stuff with my wife. I really enjoyed that picture and suggested inviting him to our room to stay overnight that day. She agreed and we went to find Steve. In the evening we can always find him near the swimming pool of the hotel.

Steve noticed us first and proposed Christie and me to lie on the vacant lounge chairs. In my turn, I offered him to drink some bottled beer which I had brought from our room. Having got rid of a t-shirt and shorts, Christie jumped into the swimming pool; and I stayed with Steve and we kept drinking beer. Then we both joined her. I noticed that Steve enjoyed playing with Christie under the water. When he got off the
swimming pool his swimming trunks couldn’t hide his erected junk. It was already late and we finished bottled beer so I proposed Steve to continue the night at our room. Having entered our room, we told Steve that he could stay with us if he wished. We left him alone in the big room, and went to
our bedroom.

When Christine got undressed and laid down on the bed, I went to make our indecent proposal to Steve. I found him in the bathroom while he was taking a shower. I came straight to the point and said that I trusted him, as well as Christine did. Then I asked if he would like to come into our bedroom to try anything new in sex with us.

-What do you mean? He asked.
At least try to help me to do a good turn to my wife. First he looked shocked, but after thinking for a while, he agreed. I think the winning argument was his thoughts about slim and tanned Christine’s body, her wonderful breasts and pink nipples, perky butts along with her other jahoobies he is going to discover.

I decided not to switch off the light so that my wife’s naked body can get him more excited. It did work. When he came into the room covered only with a small towel, at once I noticed that the hard-on appeared immediately. He was just about to come closer to the bed, as she pulled off the towel. His face looked surprised and he turned around looking at me crazily. I smiled and nodded to him so that he could calm down. His dick, comparing to mine, was thicker and longer, with an open big dickhead without prepuce and with big balls.

Christie really enjoyed what she saw and carefully took his dick with her hands; she massaged it a little bit and then wanked it a little, then licked the increased dickhead slowly and then gently put it into her mouth. She delighted to use her hands to keep working on it and at the same time trying to take it deeper with her mouth.

Then we, using our 4 hands, were caressing her gorgeous body. Steve lay down on the bed. He was lying on the back and his vertical stick was ready to invite Christie for landing on it. Coming closer to him and opening up her legs over him, she first squatted and then slowly started to sitting down on his penis. She even didn’t move on him first as if she was trying to get used to his dick’s size and length …inside her. Then she leaned on his chest with her both hands, she started to slowly move up and down.

Soon the pace of her movements was getting faster. Steve wrapped Christie’s waist with his arms trying to place her deeper on his dick. In a minute she put her knees on the bed, leaning with all her body ahead and then pressed herself tightly to Steve’s chest. She always does it when she is about to get off when she is on the top. At that very moment he bended the knees and strongly wrapped her back, pulled her to himself and started his movements inside her with double force. He was doing that so fast that Christine even didn’t try to straighten. He just tried to ram her through with his dick. Sometimes she screamed quietly, when he did a sharp movement in her pussy.

For a couple of minutes he didn’t decrease his pace, holding in his arms Christine, who was getting off on him. Then he suddenly pulled off his dick and started to cum on his own.For another couple of hours we were keeping on fucking Christine, changing the turns when finally we all were out of energy.

The next day we all were a little bit embarrassed so we tried not to remember what happened the last night. But in two days, we started seeing each other in our room every evening. Over and over again we got more satisfaction, as we learned and kept on better discovering our own desires.
I want to finish with the description of our last meeting. We invited Steve to our room. That night he had to come to us a little bit later. Christine was excited about our last meeting with him. When he came, I met him and accompanied him straight to our bedroom. On our way there we got undressed and joined Christie. She already knew well what she needed to do to Steve. She pulled him on his back and started sucking his dick when I moved to her back and caressed her wet pussy.

She was shivering from lechery and moaned when I slowly pulled in my boy in her vagina. I was about to cum when my wife asked to let Steve take my place. He placed her on the back, and opened up her legs wider and harshly pulled his dick as deep as he could. When Steve rhythmically fucked my wife from the top, I get myself comfortable from the right side near her head and let he gulp my dick. When Steve had cummed, Christine saddled me immediately. When she was fucking me on the top, Steve proposed her to try both of us.

But Christie was far away to give him a meaningful answer. Steve licked his finger and pulled it into her anus. It was the last drop, she got off very loudly, and the next second I did the same. After a short break, we started again. For this time she just gulped my dick, and then did the same thing with Steve’s dick. Then he told Christie that he wanted to take her one more time. When I saw Steve fucking her from the back, I got erected. When he
felt off, I took the position. The feeling of my wife’s wet, fucked out vagina was marvelous. While I was fucking her impetuously,
Steve again felt erection. It excited Christie and she asked me to hurry up, so that she can welcome him one more time. I moaned, pulled the powerful stream in her body and lay back on the bed. When I made Christine free she immediately saddled Steve. While she was moving up and down on him, on her request, I massaged her anus. They got off quite quickly, and later we took a shower together and then fell asleep in our bed.

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