How do you really look when you masturbate?

No horse gets anywhere until he is harnessed. No stream or gas ever drives anything until it is 3. No Niagara ever turned light and power until it is tunneled. No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, disciplined.” – Harry Emerson

How do you really look when you masturbate?

Look how your face looks. Imagine your entire family, who have survived wars, plagues, diseases, famine and got you here today. They might be thinking, “I bet he’s doing something great since he lives in the best time to be alive in the 21st century. I can’t wait to see what incredible things he’s doing with his life. Oh wait, what’s he doing in that chair? Why does he spend so much of his free time doing that!”

And they come to check in 10 years later and they find you doing the same thing. They might cry out, ”why is he wasting his life…!?”

“After all we’ve been through, he spends his finite time watching people online have sex.”

Stop that right now.

This is a call to all men.

Let’s stop watching porn and masturbating to it and commit to fully loving women and life again.

If you’re not serious about quitting, then you’re wasting your time. Stop dabbling and fully commit to no more porn and masturbation. Go meet some porn addicts who have destroyed their marriages, families, careers, and bodies, who suffer from erectile dysfunction, can’t enjoy sex, and have permanently desensitized the pleasures of life they once enjoyed.

Most people who want to stop masturbating to porn don’t really want to stop masturbating to porn. They get excited about quitting and finding something better for themselves, but they never fully commit to quitting. They’re always afraid of releasing what’s comfortable, easy and safe. It’s scary – I know the feeling as I was once there, but you too can overcome this addiction.  Right now you need to commit fully to the recovery process once and for all. No matter how hard it gets or how many times you may relapse – do not give up!  Re-read this book once per month as you begin the journey to rid yourself of this addiction.  Stay focused, committed and keep your eye on the prize.

You might be sad thinking I’m taking something cherished away from you, but in reality I’m giving something invaluable back to you.

Your life…

Your one life.

Now, go make it count.

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